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  • C++ Libraries for Visual Studio 2013
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Portable Objects Version 3.1.5.

Connecting Android, iOS, OSX and Windows Operating Systems using Java, Delphi and C++ Builder.

Portable Objects is a tool that consists of two main pillars,

  • An inter-language persistance framework for saving and restoring application data. Ideal for mobile applications that have to save and restore their state, or for cloud/distributed applications.
  • A communications framework for simplifying the development of client/server applications.

It is soley targeted at object orientated languages.

Currently it supports Java/Android (7 and 8/API 19 Kitkat and higher), Delphi (Win32, Win64, iOS32, iOS64, OSX and Android) and C++ Builder (Win32, Win64, iOS32, iOS64, OSX and Android). Support for C++ (Visual C++ will follow shortly.

It's free for non-commercial appilcations.

YouTube Videos

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